What I Once Was Again (7)

Two nights later, a few hours past midnight I was wide awake. From the harbor I heard the gentle creaks and stretches of ships ebbing and flowing against the docks. From the Rocan-facing, southern side of the island I heard the sea rolling over itself into surf and the occasional creature breaking the surface.

Anger Management in Amsterdam. It’s Not What You Think.

A Reflection on Office Etiquette. I am not a very tall woman. I’m not even a tall woman. Okay, I’m not even average height. I am what the fashion industry calls petite. Except in the butt. Too much skating and too many squats and I’m what I guess you would call athletic. I’m slightly taller… Continue reading Anger Management in Amsterdam. It’s Not What You Think.

Roca is Crumbling (5)

Continued from Chapter Two | Matin | Barbarians: Sacha Comes to Stepping Stone (4) Two days later I took Sacha out on the Wolf to see Roca. Though Marcus thought it was too dangerous, the Wolf was well-equipped and here, almost directly east of Stepping Stone, the Rocan Sea was relatively quiet. Under the softness… Continue reading Roca is Crumbling (5)

Sacha Comes to Stepping Stone (4)

Continued from Chapter Two | Matin | Barbarians: The Rocans Attack (3) Castor’s powerful line held and bent with astonishing flexibility. Ambrose might have been in charge, but Castor had taken command. He had planned his exit; he had been forced to show his entire fleet, but he also made it ready to fall back… Continue reading Sacha Comes to Stepping Stone (4)

The Rocans Attack (3)

Continued from Chapter Two | Matin | Barbarians: Inside the Rocan Sea (2) From the bow of my ship the Wolf I scanned the horizon for the first signs of the Rocan fleet. In the last two weeks since Pollux’s “discovery” of Stepping Stone, Rocan ships had virtually disappeared from the sea, a strong sign… Continue reading The Rocans Attack (3)

inside the rocan sea (2)

Continued from Chapter Two | Matin | Barbarians: Scalia (1) Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash Two months ago while we were patrolling just inside the Rocan Sea, we found the bloated carcass of the Perpetrator with its crew and young commander Dario clinging desperately to its slowly sinking remnants. The dark gray shadows of… Continue reading inside the rocan sea (2)

Scalia (1)

Chapter Two | Matin | Barbarians Read the Synopsis on Chapter Two's landing page (and the rest of chapter two) The Rocans called me a barbarian but I, Matin, was not offended. I had inherited my father Hugo’s reputation but earned the worst of it when I violently overthrew and viciously murdered him. So went… Continue reading Scalia (1)

Termination in Amsterdam

You’re fired here, you’re hired there. photo by N Governor What’s the first thing you think of when someone says Amsterdam? I’m guessing it’s not tulips or lacquer or wooden clogs or Van Gogh or bicycles or canals, or Heineken…but, if you're a tourist, more likely you think marijuana and legalized prostitution. If you've been… Continue reading Termination in Amsterdam